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True Blue (Sophia Byne)

True Blue (Sophia Byne)

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Sophia Byne
True Blue

Ink, watercolor
Based on The Good Earth by Pearl S. Buck

Blue holds such power in its hue. From loyalty and honesty to sorrow and passiveness, blue holds the full spectrum of emotion. I chose a deep blue, like traditional China designs. Of the fine China designs, the Blue Willow pattern is one of the most popular patterns produced since the 1700s. This design inspired me as the widely recognizable pattern ties every person to the narrative. The left side shows his farm, a simple place that provided the world to his family. On the right, is Wang Lung’s palace. A place shut away from the world, relying on materials and status rather than labor and determination. The irony of a poor farmer and his unsatiable hunger for more is something the world experiences daily.

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