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Listen To Your Heart (GLOWMAFIA)

Listen To Your Heart (GLOWMAFIA)

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Listen to Your Heart

Plastic, glass crystal rhinestone, paper, ink 
Based on The Alchemist by Paul Coehlo

Life is a fragile, beautiful thing. I work within this fragility to craft original, handmade heirloom pieces to last for generations. I have been attracted to the idea of wearable, functional, and interactive art since I was a child. My piece balances the delicacy of life and the resiliency within each of us. I used crystal rhinestones to amplify the power and beauty of the heart and hope that I can share my courage to follow my dream as an artist with everyone who interacts with this piece, so the viewer can witness in real-time, my attempt to overcome the very fear the main character in the book faced and maybe encourage someone else to do the same.