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Saturday Signing with Dallas Anne Duncan. December 2nd 2023.

Saturday Signing with Dallas Anne Duncan

Dallas Anne Duncan joins us for a Saturday Signing of her upcoming release, Triumvirate Rising. 

✍️ About the Book:

Triumverate Rising is the second installation of The Meridian Trilogy, a fantasy series following Bridgette Conner as she begins to tackle an uncertain, constantly changing present based on a past she didn’t know was hers to claim. Immersed largely in the history of the Salem Witch Trials and Civil Rights Movement, melded with modern-day challenges of changing colonizer mindsets and confronting one’s own economic and social biases, “The Meridian Trilogy” is as much a fantasy series as it is a lens through which to view twenty-fi rst century politics and global lifestyles.

In Triumverate Rising, The Era of the Liluthuaé Has Begun. When last we heard of Bridgette Conner, fated Elfling “savior” of worlds both magic and non, she crossed a spelled barrier into the secret world of Palna: a country encapsulated in its own borders, home to ill-intentioned Craft Wizardry and the potential threats she was born to fight against.

That’s the last anyone in greater Heáhwolcen heard of her, too…

✍️ About the Author:

Dallas Anne Duncan grew up near Augusta, Georgia. She holds two degrees from the University of Georgia’s College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, Dallas is no stranger to the publishing world thanks to her print journalism background. “Bright Star” was her first full-length novel.

She now resides in Athens, Georgia, with her three cats — Arya, Captain, and Marline — which are incredibly helpful in writing books two and three in “The Meridian Trilogy.”


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Date: 12/02/2023
Time: 1:00pm - 3:00pm