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Left photo: Cover of The Girl From The Red Rose Motel. Right photo: Portrait of Susan Zurenda, sitting on a porch.

Susan Zurenda: Reading Between the Wines

After teaching literature, composition, and creative writing to thousands of high school and college students for 33 years, Susan Beckham Zurenda turned her attention to putting a novel in her heart on paper, the genesis of which was a short story that won the South Carolina Fiction Prize a number of years ago.

Now releasing her second novel, we are pleased to welcome Zurenda to the shop! Join us for a glass of wine and a conversation with Susan about her new book, The Girl from the Red Rose Motel.

The Girl from the Red Rose Motel releases on September 5th. Pre-order your copy today to guarantee your seat at the event.


Two high school students from vastly different backgrounds fall in love and, with the support of their sympathetic English teacher, attempt to navigate complications readers might never imagine. The Girl from the Red Rose Motel explores the complex bonds between adults and teenagers and the power of the families we both inherit and create. Inspired by the author's experiences teaching in a South Carolina high school, the novel is also an unflinching, authentic look at the challenges faced by America's public school teachers and the struggles of thousands of homeless children


Susan Beckham Zurenda's debut novel, Bells for Eli, has received several awards including first place for Best First Book—Fiction in the 2021 Independent Publisher Book Awards. Zurenda has also published and won numerous awards for her short fiction. A life-long South Carolinian, she lives in Spartanburg. 

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Date: 09/25/2023
Time: 6:00pm - 8:00pm