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Book on a Box Art Show


The Book Tavern Presents Book on a Box 2023


Featuring work by: 

Aaron Bailey • Addison Niday • Boper9 • C. "Payasa" Moses • Chris Murray • Erica Pastecki • Francie Klopotic • GLOW MAFIA • Heather René Dunaway • Jacki Mayo Van Dyke • Janell Cash • Jeremy Cohen • Jessi the Paper Nerd • June Klement • Just Justin • Kyra + Haven Leseberg • MM Kaufman • MONOKROMADDIE • Rhian Swain • RUCU • Shua Smith • Sophia Byne • Theron Cartwright • Trilogy Gunby

Liber Amicis Preview

Thursday, 8/31 from 6 to 8 PM

First chance to see the work & shop the exhibition. Join Today!

Opening Reception

Friday, 9/1 from 6 to 8 PM

Meet the artists & enjoy complimentary beverages.


Book on a Box is on display all September



Stipulations for The Book Tavern's 2023 Book on a Box Art Show:

1. Every artist will have a box 12” x 12” with a 7/8” depth to create their artwork on. You can build your own panel, however, standard Book on a Box boxes are available to purchase through us for $10 flat. If you build your own panel, it cannot exceed larger than the given size, depth included.

2. The Book Tavern will be acting as a gallery while the pieces are being shown during the art show. They will be hanging, actively selling, collecting money on the artist’s behalf, and giving the artwork to buyers at the end of the show. Due to this, The Book Tavern will take 20% to help cover cost and time.

3. Book on a Box is currently only open to artists in the CSRA.

4. Hard deadline for submitting final art to The Book Tavern is August 25th, 2023 at 8pm. No exceptions.

5. Price of each artwork is set by the artist (min $150; max $500).

6. We will provide a form sheet for gallery tags. We would love a brief artist statement on the book that inspired your work, so please be thinking of this during your proposal/process. We will be displaying copies of the books you choose (so long as the book is still in print)

7. Artists who do have their work sold will be paid at the end of the art show. The artist is welcome to either pick up their check or have it mailed to them. The 2023 show is scheduled to come down October 2nd.

8. If artwork does not sell, it must be picked up no later than two weeks from the end of the art show (Saturday, October 14th). Artwork that is not picked up will become sole property of The Book Tavern to use, sell, or give away.