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The Cures

The Cures

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Publication Date: April 1st, 2023
John Doriot
The Book Tavern
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Science had discovered a cure for cancer and other horrible diseases. It was a new world. But then, evil evolved too. Jules and Emily Duggan have lived in a world of horror their entire lives. The last actions of their abusive father, give them the strength to escape, but Jules knows the police will blame his sister for everything that has happened and he couldn't allow that to occur. When the police arrive at their house, Jules tells them he was responsible for all that occurred, but things don't go as planned as his sister tries to help him escape. The last thing Jules remembers is seeing his sister get shot before everything goes black. Two years elapse, and Jules awakens to meet the man that saved him and his sister, Dr. Po. From that point forward, you and Jules are transported into a very beautiful but very dangerous world. The danger comes from the engineered plants and animals that exist on Dr. Po's compound for the unaware, and from humans that were made monsters, from institutions that failed to follow Dr. Po's protocols. The bacterium from tubeworms has never been grown in a lab until Dr. Po was able to do it, and along with the Symbion molecule he developed, the science of molecular transition dynamics was born. From this science, the cure for cancer and other serious illnesses was created. Encouraged by his sister to help Dr. Po destroy these malformed creatures, Jules struggles with the evil nature of man because of the malicious world in which he and his sister lived for eighteen years. Through imagined conversations with C.S. Lewis, a writer he always admired, Jules navigates the moral challenges the faces every day, which are made even more complicated by visits from his dead father. The humans which have been transformed into Vahemics, need oxygen from the blood of others to survive. They have poisonous razor-sharp talons, but his sister tells Jules, "It's the Narcoleptans that are really scary which are more werewolf than human and have the ability to become invisible in nature " Within the first four chapters, you will be pulled into the book by Jules who is narrating the events of the story, and once Jules awakens, by the actions that are taken by him, his sister, and Dr. Po. They are all flawed heroes and are compelling characters you will find yourself rooting for to "win" in their struggles and battles within themselves and with the dangers present in this new world. The action is non-stop, culminating in a powerful surprising, and stunning plot twist, which allows truths to be revealed, evil to be challenged, and our heroes to find some level of solace.