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Ancestral Grimoire: Connect with the Wisdom of the Ancestors through Tarot, Oracles, and Magic

Ancestral Grimoire: Connect with the Wisdom of the Ancestors through Tarot, Oracles, and Magic

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Publication Date: September 1st, 2022
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“Hendrickson takes readers on a magical journey where they learn how to construct a personal Book of Shadows filled with ancestral wisdom.” —Theresa Reed, author of Twist Your Fate
Most of us know our immediate family and maybe even a generation or two beyond, but few of us are attuned to those who lived earlier. Many of us have forgotten how to keep our own stories alive. This is where the ancestors come in and where this book begins.

Ancestral Grimoire is a guide to reconnecting with your ancestors. It will show you how to access their unique wisdom—their magic!—and create your own personal ancestral grimoire, a spell book or Book of Shadows, unique to you and your heritage. Through divination, intuition, and sometimes a little luck, you will learn the magic of each ancestor and how you can use their gifts to make your life richer and more fulfilling.

As you go through this book, you’ll save your ancestral work in a journal or loose-leaf binder that will become the place to store the stories, spells, rituals, and everyday life, lore, and legend of twelve of your ancestors. At the end of a year, you will hold a personal Book of Shadows with every bit of ancestral knowledge within its pages unique to you. No two will ever be alike. In an age when family storytelling has been lost, you will have created a legacy—and a life—that the ancestors could only dream of.

About the Author

Nancy Hendrickson is the author of Ancestral Tarot, a book that combines tarot skills with deep ancestral work. Her published work includes several genealogy books and magazine articles. Nancy writes about many types of divination, including tarot decks of the past as well as tarot from a cultural perspective. Find her at and follow her on Instagram @nancysageshadow.

Praise for Ancestral Grimoire: Connect with the Wisdom of the Ancestors through Tarot, Oracles, and Magic

“Working with ancestors is essential for so many witches, and this book offers a unique way to do just that. By following her annual cycle of divination and other suggested practices, the reader can work intuitively to create a scrapbook grimoire of their own magical ancestors.”
—Christine Grace, author of The Witch at The Forest’s Edge and cohost of the Betwixt & Between Podcast

"Ancestral Grimoire is written in a way that deepens the practice of someone familiar with ancestor work while also giving brand-new practitioners a beautiful start. Well thought out and absolutely a delight to use, I could not recommend Ancestral Grimoire more.”
—Jenna Matlin, author of Will You Give Me a Reading?
“Hendrickson takes readers on a magical journey where they learn how to construct a personal book of shadows filled with ancestral wisdom. Monthly exercises, divination techniques, and rituals will help readers connect with their ancestral roots to manifest the life they want today. Ancestral Grimoire is a necessary book for tarot readers, magical folks, and anyone who wants to see how the past can create a new, better future.”
—Theresa Reed, author of Twist Your Fate: Manifest Success with Astrology and Tarot 

 “Ancestral Grimoire enabled me to develop a personal and healthy ancestral practice --  a step far beyond simple DNA research and family tree-building. As a lifelong keeper of journals, sketchbooks and such, I was surprised by the new depths of insight I was able to achieve using the methods in this book. Your own grimoire will be the bridge that you build toward your ancestors, but this book will provide the sturdy legs for that bridge.”
—Stacey Williams-Ng, tarot artist and creator of The Southern Gothic Oracle 

“With the option of designing your pages seasonally, monthly, or whenever Spirit moves you, Nancy Hendrickson’s Ancestral Grimoire takes us through a number of engaging and easy to follow techniques to understand and connect with our ancestry while growing our own magick. Ancestral Grimoire is a must for those looking for clear instruction in creating a personal grimoire that deepens with time.”
—Carrie Paris, creator of The Relative Tarot

“The ancestors are a much-misunderstood category of spirits in the modern revival of witchcraft and polytheistic Paganism. Nancy Hendrickson’s Ancestral Grimoire offers a twelve-month curriculum of divination exercises illuminating personal ancestral and past life spirit allies.  At the end of a year’s practice, diligent witches will have a personalized Book of Shadows that will provide insight for the rest of their magical lives.  Highly recommended!”
—Caroline Kenner, founder of The Fool’s Dog tarot and oracular apps company

“Ancestral Grimoire by Nancy Hendrickson is a hand to hold while exploring your roots. Nancy guides seekers through the magic of divination and personal symbolism to find the basis for our families and our magic. This book is a lighthouse in the dark, bringing safety and comfort to those lost in the sea of ancestor veneration.”
—Amy Blackthorn, author of Blackthorn’s Protection Magic, Blackthorn’s Botanical Magic, and other books devoted to magical practice.

“A delightful and empowering read which easily teaches profound transformative practices for every season and every seeker, Ancestral Grimoire makes the heady concept of ancestral magic approachable. The deeply personal foreword by Benebell Wen beautifully prepares us for this magical journey.”
—Christiana Gaudet, author of Tarot Tour Guide

“In Ancestral Grimoire, Nancy Hendrickson has created yet another roadway of discovery for the magical practitioner.  For those committed to doing the work, the rewards include the creation of their own ancestral grimoire -- a record of their ancestors, their magic, and the world of divination.  Nancy Hendrickson has given us the book to take our work with the ancestors to the next level.”
—Rhonda Alin, founder of Northern New Jersey Tarot Meetup

“In her brilliant book, Ancestral Grimoire, Nancy Hendrickson offers dozens of hands-on exercises with tarot, pendulums, and omens, as well as an entire year of activities to discover who your ancestors are and what loving messages they have for you. Nancy's approachable style makes diving into your spiritual lineage a joy. If you've ever wanted to deepen your relationship with those who have gone before you, you will feel their loving closeness through this amazing book. I can't recommend it enough."
—Madame Pamita, author of Madame Pamita's Magical Tarot, Baba Yaga's Book of Witchcraft and The Book of Candle Magic