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Arms of The Dragon, Volume 1

Arms of The Dragon, Volume 1

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Publication Date: December 26th, 2023
Noir Caesar
The Book Tavern
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Not everyone chooses the streets. Sometimes, when everything is taken away, it's all that's left. The slums of Shindjin have long since been the champion of poverty. Violence and extortion are commonplace, where one's fate can literally be determined by a roll of the dice. A place where the fallout of these actions fall onto the shoulders of children. Shou and Jun are two such children, torn from the comfort of the lives they knew and thrust into an environment where organized crime is law. With nowhere to turn, they're forced to become the very thing that ruined their lives.

About the Author

A flannel loving gentleman hailing from the east coast, John Lawrence is the lead writer for Arms of the Dragon, aiming to bring out the very best Noir Caesar has to offer with his evocative characterization and mature presentation. When he’s not busy working on a million projects at once, he’s  constantly consuming anime and manga at ludicrous speeds. His passion for the medium is rivaled only by his passion for pizza, which he eats possibly way too often... Or, maybe not often enough.